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Wellbeing goes digital

For some an oxymoron, a new concept has emerged in our vocabulary recently: that of “digital wellbeing”. Perhaps it is not surprising that academics have been researching the impact of new digital technologies on people’s wellbeing for quite some time already, but the fact that tech-giants like Google are now paying attention to the topic

Pitch Your Failure @ Athens

What lies beyond failure? The third edition of Pitch Your Failure landed in Athens on 23rd November 2018 to share perfect stories true stories of failed social ventures in the fields of media, arts, and culture as a way to dismantle the myth that everything is always okay and mistakes should be hidden. After Rome

Pitch Your Failure @ Berlin

Success lies concealed in every failure After a first successful event held in October 2017 in Rome, Pitch Your Failure hosted its second event in March 2018 in Berlin, to gather young social entrepreneurs to share perfect stories true stories of failed social ventures to celebrate their mistakes and learn from the wisdom of their experiences.

A CRY FOR HELP, fighting teenage suicide, one step at a time

Close your eyes and count to three. In that timespan, a suicide attempt just occurred. Now close your eyes for a full 40 seconds. A suicide was successful. These were just a few of the numbers released by a World Health Organisation (WHO) report in 2014. A majority of the 800,000 people who commit suicide

A group of teenagers “Painting The World” with Laughter and Happiness

As a 15 year old girl, Lika had a dream – to paint the entire world with happiness. As somebody who equates colours with happiness, she initiated a project to bring colours to the lives of those who need them, both literally and figuratively. “Paint The World”,  which is also a product of a deep-rooted

A Miracle in The Storm

Mariel Obregon uttered her first cry in the city of Tacloban, Leyte, the Philippines. Once mentioned, the Philippines often appears as a “Storm Country” in everyone’s mind. Whenever typhoons make their “short visits”, hundreds of terrible and dreadful devastations are made, including both people and material damages. Conquering in the storm is somewhat a “mission

Human Library Singapore And The Hope To Break Down Social Barriers

Ever thought of what would happen if you sat down, and had a sincere and objective conversation with a person who shares utterly contrasting standpoints? Chances that it could bring you closer together? Yes. Kelly Ann Zainal believes so. A Dedicated Young Woman With the enthusiasm for mental health and human connections, Kelly Ann Zainal

Little Marios – Empowering Communities, One Mushroom At A Time

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” – Masanobu Fukuoka   In the world of aspiring entrepreneurs and changemakers, Quan Hao Yu is far from a strange name. Founder of many projects including his local college’s AIESEC, Homoto, and Little Marios, he is

The role of millennials in the emerging story of our time

ChangemakerXchange member Dr Seren Dalkiran reflects on the emerging story of her generation, the so-called Millennial Generation. She draws from the insights of her global field work and pioneering Ph.D. research on Millennial leadership worldwide whereby she generated data in 117 countries at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Utrecht University and Varna University of Management with the support of

A Bright Future with the Eradication of Human Trafficking

In 1948, the first international human rights’ instrument – “The Universal Declaration of Human rights” was adopted. It states that “All human beings are born equal in dignity and rights and it prohibits slavery in all its forms”. However, until the 21st century, trafficking in human beings still exists as one of the most grievous