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Dear changemaker,

During submitting your application we kindly ask you to contribute 15 USD / 13 EURO (or the equivalent in your local currency if needed) to ChangemakerXchange, which enables us to thoroughly review every single application and further grow the community. By asking for a modest application support, we aim to ensure that those applying are truly committed to attending and participating in the global community To convert the amount to your local currency please visit:

(*Please note that this contribution is highly encouraged for all applicants. If you do however have exceptional circumstances which mean you can not contribute your share, please tick box 2 in the application. This will not by any means affect our evaluation of your application.)

Various options to make your contribution are available:

1) Western Union

Please follow this link and find payment options for various currencies:
Please note: In order to initiate an acceptable and approved payment, it is mandatory to enter “AS9753” in the reference line.

2) PayPal

Please go to your PayPal account, choose “Send Money” and transfer the 15 USD (or the equivalent in your local currency if needed) to (best is to copy / paste the E-Mail address to make sure you have the correct one)

3) Credit Card

The option to pay by Credit Card is directly embedded in the application form.

Thank you for your contribution!

Yours, the ChangemakerXchange Team