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Wellbeing goes digital

For some an oxymoron, a new concept has emerged in our vocabulary recently: that of “digital wellbeing”. Perhaps it is not surprising that academics have been researching the impact of new digital technologies on people’s wellbeing for quite some time already, but the fact that tech-giants like Google are now paying attention to the topic


ChangemakerXchange member Mesut Keskin explains E-Bursum: a fast, fair and technologically advanced system, adapting every phase of scholarship applications into a digital infrastructure. Watch his talk at TEDxResetSalon 2016.

Place of Hope

What does it mean to be a young person in this world? How can I live a meaningful life and how can I contribute to our thriving? Where does Hope lie? These are some of the questions that inform ChangemakerXchange member Ivo Degn‘s journey. The search lead to the Knowmads School in Amsterdam which again