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The role of millennials in the emerging story of our time

ChangemakerXchange member Dr Seren Dalkiran reflects on the emerging story of her generation, the so-called Millennial Generation. She draws from the insights of her global field work and pioneering Ph.D. research on Millennial leadership worldwide whereby she generated data in 117 countries at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Utrecht University and Varna University of Management with the support of

Dance Your Life

What do we yearn for and how can we get there? ChangemakerXchange member Diane Taieb invites us to travel to the desert of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “Wind, Sand and Stars”. Just like the gazelles in the book, Diane believes that we all have a yearning deep inside of us and wish to escape our own

Empower Through Movement

ChangemakerXchange member Shyrine Ziadeh shares her experience using dance and movement as powerful tools to change mindsets and to foster peace among people. Watch her talk at TEDxMinesNancy 2017.

Refugees to Entrepreneurs

ChangemakerXchange member Sami Al-Ahmed explores the local and global effect of refugees and highlights how to empower them to become active members in society. Watch his talk at TEDxAzharUniversity 2017.


ChangemakerXchange member Mesut Keskin explains E-Bursum: a fast, fair and technologically advanced system, adapting every phase of scholarship applications into a digital infrastructure. Watch his talk at TEDxResetSalon 2016.

Save the food!

Thousands of tons of food, milions litres of drinking water. So much gets wasted every year. Shall we marginalise it or just sadly shrug our shoulders? ChangemakerXchange member Adam Podhola and his friends decided to address this and face wasting actively. To do a really good thing can be pretty easy: “Sometimes, one phone call

The art of befriending your fears

ChangemakerXchange member Racha Haffar shares her experience growing up with fear and how she developed a technique called the Fear Alert to overcome daily life’s obstacles. Watch her talk at TEDxUKY 2016.

Place of Hope

What does it mean to be a young person in this world? How can I live a meaningful life and how can I contribute to our thriving? Where does Hope lie? These are some of the questions that inform ChangemakerXchange member Ivo Degn‘s journey. The search lead to the Knowmads School in Amsterdam which again

Der Supermarkt der Zukunft

ChangemakerXchange member Milena Glimbovski shares her experience founding Original Unverpackt, Germany’s first zero-waste and package-free supermarket that enables people to live a sustainable life. Watch her talk at TEDxMünchen 2015.

Everyone A Changemaker

Co-founder of ChangemakerXchange, Matthias Scheffelmeier, explains the core concept of Ashoka – EACH: Everyone A Changemaker at TEDxModa 2013.